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Texas Motor Speedway is a speedway located in the northernmost portion of the U.S. city of Fort Worth, Texas – the portion located in Denton County, Texas. The reconfigured track measures 1.500 mi with banked 20° in turns 1 and 2 and banked 24° in turns 3 and 4.

Currently, events hosted by Urban Racing at Texas Motor Speedway are pro-geared events for drivers who like to live on the edge.

Yellow Diagonal Lines


The Texas Motor Speedway Skid Pad will run in 3 groups, divided and color coded as green, yellow, and red windshield stickers. (TRAFFIC LIGHT COLORS) 

  1. Green Sticker - Drivers that have never been to an event and are still learning the basic drifting dynamics. These drivers will be sent one at a time with a max of 2 on the track at once. Cars need to be widely spaced apart to prevent collisions. Staff will be available to provide tips and instruction.

  2. Yellow Sticker - Intermediate drivers that can complete a solid lap, but don't have too much tandem experience. These drivers can be sent in short increments with multiple drivers on the track at once.

  3. Red Sticker - Expert drovers that can tandem, especially in groups. These drivers can be sent out in packs as long as they coordinate with each other & staff beforehand.




  • Classes will be chosen on by the driver when they register.

  • Drivers will have a sticker for their color placed on their windshield during tech inspection.

  • Run groups will be split into 45-minute sessions that alternate throughout the day. 

  • Driver classes are subject to change depending on skill level.

  • Skid pad manager has sole discretion to downgrade or upgrade drivers.

  • Drivers can ask skid pad staff to watch them to determine if they can move into a higher class.

  • Each group will be capped at 15 drivers to keep wait times down.

  • Drivers that purchase road course tickets will be allowed to run Skid Pad in the Yellow or Red class to ensure flow of seat time.




​Drivers will be split into run groups according to driver skill level. (See run group poster for detailed breakdown)

  1. Green Sticker - Novice Class

  2. Yellow Sticker - Intermediate Class

  3. Red Sticker - Expert Class

  • Helmets must be worn when you get to 3rd place in line to prevent extended wait times.

  • Convertibles are required to have factory or aftermarket roll bars to get on Skid Pad.

  • Tandems are allowed in stock vehicles on Skid Pad. (verts need roll bar at minimum)

  • Drivers are allowed to hot lap up to 4 laps per turn.

  • Skid Pad manager has sole discretion to upgrade or downgrade driver classes. 

  • DO NOT get out of your vehicle unless your vehicle is on fire. We do not want anyone to get hurt.

  • Leaving the coned track area will result in an instant strike in order to prevent damage to the facility.


  • Must have all lug nuts on tight. NO MISSING NUTS! This goes for all four wheels.

  • Battery must be secured and tied down. Stock battery trays are acceptable.

  • NO LEAKS of any kind. This includes oil, coolant, transmission, differential, or any other fluid.

  • Seat belts/harness must be secured and have zero tears. Stock seatbelts are acceptable for non-caged vehicles.

  • Seats must be tight and secure to the floor.

  • Throttle cables cannot stick open.

  • Drivers AND passengers must have an SN2010 or newer certified full-face helmet (we will have a limited number of rental helmets available. Helmets must be worn as soon as you pull on track.)

  • Popping tires on track is NOT allowed under any circumstances and will result in a warning or strike.

  • Urban Racing staff reserves the right to refuse tech sticker to any car that appears dangerous, sketchy, or unsafe.


Strikes will be used to ensure everyone gets the seat time they are paying for and to provide a streamlined system for driver accountability while also keeping the venue happy. We will be implementing a 1 warning & 3 strike system.​

  1.  First a warning will be given and the driver will have the opportunity to correct the issue.

  2. The first strike will be given after a warning. The driver will again have the opportunity to correct the issue, and some staff instruction from a fellow driver will be available.

  3. The strike will result in a s 30-minute time off track.

  4. The third strike will result in removal from track and/or downgrade in driver class. Drivers with 3 strikes will need to talk to a track manager to discuss how to improve their issues.

  • Going completely off track will result in a strike.

  • Going outside the coned area on Skid Pad will result in a strike (don't hit the expensive fence)

  • Any driving the venue deems as unsafe will result in a strike.

  • Drifting past the track end point into the cool down will result in a strike.




  • Driver must demonstrate skill to run road course.

  • Convertibles must have a 4+ point rollbar to do solo runs.

  • Hard top vehicles are allowed to do solo runs with no cages.

  • Texas Motor Speedway policy calls for any vehicle running tandem to have full cage with door bars for anti-intrusion.

  • DO NOT get out of your vehicle unless it is on fire.

  • More than 2 weeks off track will result in warning, then a strike and so on.

  • Drivers must STOP drifting at track end point as indicated by the cones.

  • Tire scrubbing is allowed ONLY in the designated area at the end of the cool down.

  • Tire popping is not allowed and can result in a warning/strike.

  • Drivers must always keep hands and arms inside their vehicle.

  • Driver mist STOP & YEILD to any Texas Motor Speedway/Urban Racing safety team (tow trucks, fire supports, ambulance, emergency vehicles, etc.)



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